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Scandic lifestyle

Scandic is a lifestyle!

Scandic is a brand new trademark and concept, with reference to Scandinavia, as the name suggests. Scandic stands for quality, high standard, reliability and the finest design.


As inhabitants of Scandinavia, very often we do not value the numerous advantages that we are privileged with in this part of the world. Energy from glaciers, hot springs, waterfalls, clean, unpolluted seas and Northern Lights are of the utmost value. Pollution is at its lowest level and, today, clean water has become extremely important.


The standard of life in Scandinavia is generally high; the quality of life is excellent and we want to enjoy a sparkling, energetic, healthy and long life. Luxury is one of the values most of us are searching for.


Cultural bridges between us and other nations, built on mutual understanding and respect, maintain strong bonds and excellent cooperation between our peoples.


In fact, the combinination of enjoyment, business and life style in its mission, Scandic contributes to bringing the three continents together - Asia, Africa, and Europe - with a special emphasis on Scandinavia.


It took us about two years to find the boat building plant that is consistent with our desired high quality standards and requirements regarding the design, handwork skills and depth of knowledge and know how in the finishing of the product, and that has an open mind for our ideas and designs.


Our aim in providing good quality and the best service puts our standard and trademark at a high level and makes us very competitive in the luxury market around the world.


Because we have deep passion for quality in life, we are proud to share that passion with you and to serve you.


Benedikt G. Gudmundsson


Scandic – International/GT Group


Scandic - International / GT GROUP