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Scandic Gold Club

Scandic International offers its customers the opportunity of joining its Gold Club. The Club is meant to provide an appropriate meeting place for  members and offers them a wide range of excellent services, including traveling, parties and dinner galas.


Our club is dedicated to those who share the exciting concept of Scandic luxury boating. It is intended to make this concept more accessible to the wider community by introducing a new way of enjoying the passion for boating.


Scandic Gold Club organizes cultural activities as well as travel in Scandinavia and around the world, including visits to Faeroe Islands, Iceland, Morocco, China and so on… Tours and trips are of course open to all members of the Scandic Gold Club. All the Scandic trips are VIP, and their costs are subject to payment as they are not included in the membership fee.


Besides that, members can enjoy fishing in the Icelandic highlands during the fishing season in summer.


Membership of the Scandic Gold Club is automatically granted to anyone purchasing a Scandic Classic 58-feet yacht or any other Scandic brand. They can enjoy free membership for five years as long as they are still in possession of the yacht. Meanwhile, Scandic offers the opportunity of joining the club without possession of any of its brands; hence a one million Icelandic kronur (crowns) membership fee is to be paid for the year 2008. Applications can be sent to


Scandic Gold Club offers its members the opportunity of trying new Scandic products. And if you are considering acquisition of a Scandic yacht, you can enjoy our formula "try before you buy!”


Membership of Scandic Gold Club offers an enjoyable experience of becoming part of the Scandic family.


The Scandic International Management


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