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Fishing in the Icelandic Highlands.

Fly fishing in Icelandic highlads is an amazing life experience. There, you both enjoy good cathes, wonderful natural surroundings and a perfect adventure.
Scandic International is pleased to share this life experience with its members. All the necessary fishing gear, other equipments, transportation and a guide are taken care by the company. Scandic offers the following rivers as the fishing grounds:

 Tungnaá and Kaldakvísl
: These rivers are known for their big catches, from 3 to 10 pounds, mostly the Arctic charr that abounds there. Kaldakvísl is one of the most enjoyable fly-fishing places in Iceland.
The Upper area starts at Waterfall Nefja and ends at Ford Trippavad.  This is a fly-fishing area, which is accessed by the nearby River Tungnaá bridge. The best fishing spots are below the waterfall and in the long and deep pool about 300 m downriver.  Further downriver are more good fishing spots. The Lower area starts at Ford Trippavad and ends at the confluence.  All kinds of bait are permitted.  Good fishing spots are by the cliff to the right of the end of the track and down by the confluence. If the catch is good, it is recommended to release some of it.  It is important to handle the fish with gloves to prevent burns, which might kill it. The surroundings of both rivers are natural pearls, and the anglers are expected to leave it intact and not to drive off road. The leaseholders and inspectors expect the anglers to turn in fishing reports and enter the catch into the catch book.  Every autumn returned fishing reports are put in a pot and two lucky anglers are randomly picked to enjoy a fishing day of their choice next season, everything included.  The results of the draw are published on and the prize has to be picked up before the end of the year.

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