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Scandic Gold Club



Your membership earns you these benefits:

          • Automatic membership for those with a Scandic-brand yacht
          • Access to all the Scandic services
          • Travel and tours to Iceland and other Scandic destinations
          • Fly fishing in the Icelandic Highland 
          • Discounts on all Scandic designer clothes and other merchandise
          •  Enjoy our formula "try before you buy!”

If you are an owner of a Scandic yacht, your membership to our Scandic Gold Club is automatic.

If you wish to join our club and do not own a Scandic yacht, please send us your application by email to: 

Once your application has been processed and approved, you will be sent a confirmation. Once you have paid a one million Icelandic kronur (crowns) membership, you become a Registered Member of the Scandic Gold Club. All registered members subscribe to all the services offrered by Scandic Gold Club.



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