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Drawing of 58 feet


Scandic 58 ClassicYacht

Scandic Classic is a 58 feet yacht specially designed to respond to the deluxe quality. To enhance its performance, this boat outfitted with all the necessary additional equipments.


The yacht is made of reinforced fiber plastic (frp) which sailed in awning area; the section was V model single bottom.


The yacht is equipped with two Volvo 575 HP engines, double propeller double rudder and advanced communication and navigation systems. The line type of the appearance of the whole yacht is smooth, the main tone of the yacht white; the cabin is decorated with imported good quality teak.


The yacht was designed according to the requirement of high speed.


Main hull and upper structure are made of frp material. The main deck and the open air deck have the structure of sandwich with the comb-board. The teak strip was sticked on it, and the gap is filled with import black deck pastern.


The hull and the upper structure were made of the white jell coat. It can be anti ultraviolet radiation, anti-aging, and etc. The resin layer adopted water-fast unsaturated polyester resin and surface mat, the back layer was pasted with the water-fast unsaturated resin and non alkaline fiber glass


The sleeping quarters are fit for eight passengers. There are two large cabins in the lower deck; both fitted with king sized beds. Besides that, there is a small cabin with a bed stand in the front of the boat intended for one of the crew member or for children. In the mid upper cabin, the sofa in the guest saloon is designed to be turned into a sleeping bed for two. 


Two large and excellent bathrooms are located, one adjacent close to the host master room and the other one next to the guest cabin. There are two shower compartments fitted with sauna. The washing machine is found in the small space in the rearward of the boat.

Another small shower is located at the rear of the boat allowing swimmers to get rid of the sea water.


The saloon area in the main deck is brightly designed; as it offers excellent comfort and bulky space. It is equipped with white leather sofa. This same space contains one 32" LCD TV, a DVD player, a video screen projector, a electric wall projector screen that can also be used as curtain at the main entrance, 10 Hi-Fi lowdspeakers with 2 outside the saloon, bassabox and wireless internet connection for about 30 comupters, withing the United Arab Emirates area, and a color printer. On the same deck, the kitchen space, located just aft of the pilot’s seat, is outfitted with all the necessary appliances. It is joined with the saloon.


The four sides of every sleeping cabin, the furniture as well as the floors, inside and outside the main deck and the fly bridge, are decked with stunning teak wood.


Light colored leather is used not only on the sofa and in the ceiling of the main deck saloon cabin, but also in the sleeping quarters as well as on the fly bridge sofa.


A sidewalk on both side of shipboard leads to the sunbathing area on the main deck, above the host master cabin. There is a safety handrail and fender mooring horn on the top of bulwark.


There is a ladder down to the swimming pool flat on the back of the starboard.


The fly bridge is fitted with a pilot seat and controls, a white sofa, with tea table and awning.


This boat is perfect for holding company and business meetings as well for present-day  families.



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